Hybrid data lake architectures for advanced OT analytics at the edge

Horizon 2020, Podcast

Episode Summary

The complexity of systems to satisfy evolving business needs is increasing as more data is collected and the available tools to create insights become more sophisticated. In addition, grid edge innovation is helping to drive one of the most radical transitions in the sector – a move from a centralized energy system to one that is more decentralized, more local and more efficient.

In this podcast, Kathryn Vince-Odozi and Keith Armstrong from Dell Technologies talk about hybrid and distributed data lake architecture for advanced operational technology (OT) analytics and the market forces behind Edge Computing – and break down what it means for utilities.

  • Key trends in the energy sector from a data management perspective
  • How to build a modern, secure OT data lake architecture at the edge
  • First steps in creating an OT data lake for utilities
  • Creating more value from data

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Kathryn Vince-Odozi is Energy Field Director with the Global Energy program at Dell Technologies, leading business development for the oil & gas and utilityindustry solutions across EMEA. With more than 20 years’ experience in the energy industry, she is ideally positioned to engage customers on their business challenges and help them identify the best solutions for their operations, from leveraging Big Data to extending digital operations in the field. Kathryn joined Dell Technologies in 2018 and has advanced degrees inGeological and Earth Sciences, as well as extensive experience in strategic business development and consultative selling.

Keith Armstrong is an Industry Architect for the Dell Technologies Global Energy team. He has worked in the energy arena for more than 25 years for both Operators and Service companies. Today, his primary focus is on Business and IT solutions, working with innovative partners to develop solutions that answer the business challengers of today and in the future.

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