The role of Data Science in the Energy Sector today (Podcast)

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Episode Summary

One of the emerging ways that the energy industry relies on data scientists is to learn how collected information could provide insights, reduce costs or offer new innovative services to clients. In this podcast, we will consider the most vivid data science technologies and use cases in the industry of energy and utilities.

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Guest Speaker

Boris Tistan
Group Manager Powel.AI at Powel AS

Boris is a data science expert working in Powel, a Trondheim based software company that provides solutions to high majority of energy producers in Nordics. He holds master degree in Artificial Intelligence, and have worked on multiple applications of Machine learning in the energy sector, including Electricity consumption forecast, Wind and Solar power forecasting and other big data applications. He is passionate about innovative technologies and environment, and this case was a perfect marriage of those two. According to himself, he always talk too much and rarely stick to the script, and his goal is to engage the audience and try for them to share his passion.

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