Enterprise integration platform for mission critical systems

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Less effort on integration, more on innovation

Utilihive is a cloud-native big data integration platform, purpose-built for the digital data-driven utility, offered as a managed service (iPaaS). With a modern technical infrastructure and preconfigured integration content in the platform, you can accelerate innovation and simplify operations.

Best of an iPaaS

All the foundational technology from an iPaaS in one modern platform. Utilihive is uniquely designed and fully architected for mission critical applications and data rich enterprises. Now, you can develop, deploy, run, and manage your integrations to deliver awesome digital experiences quickly, easily and securely.

End-to-end monitoring

Utilihive comes with a pre-integrated big data log analyzer and DataOps tooling called Utilihive Heartbeat. Tailored for IT operational personnel it provides end-to-end monitoring and management capabilities for all data and data integration flows. IT operational personnel such as system administrators, SRE or DevOps engineers use Utilihive Heartbeat to configure and customize data flows and APIs and to monitor and analyze runtime behavior and metrics.

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Made better for utilities and partners

Companies all over the world rely on the Utilihive platform to accelerate digital transformation. The platform allows you to integrate, harmonize and provision data. The end result: you have more time to create unique value that leads to happy customers.


Pre-configured integration content and accelerators help you deliver faster and release scarce resources. With Utilihive, you can be future ready up to 80% faster to drive data inspired innovation.

Utilihive Adapters

Utilihive provides a library of reusable integration artifacts for commonly used utility applications. Adapters within the Utilihive library are system specific and bound to a specific version. Adapters can be customized with (F)Low Code configuration. Utilities or partners can develop their own adapters if required using Utilihive SDK.

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Utilihive Dataflows

Utilihive offers a library of reusable integration applications or energy data flows, such as meter-to-cash, alarm & event handling, asset & meter-point synchronization, customer & tariff synchronization, work-order synchronization and more. Utilihive Dataflows can be customized using the (F)lowCode DSL. Utilities or partners can develop custom data flows if necessary, using the Utilihive SDK.

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Utilihive Datalake

Utilihive offers secure data lake storage so you can perform faster real-time analytics, cut costs and reduce the need for internet access at distributed asset locations. Utilihive utilizes a high-performance distributed NoSQL storage and assembles NoSQL, time-series database, big data object storage and relational database technologies into one unified but distributed data lake architecture.

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Utilihive SMOC

Utilihive SMOC is a centralized smart meter operations center that provides real-time, end-to-end monitoring, analysis and management of utility systems and the entire metering value chain. SMOC provides a “birds eye view” of the entire AMI operation and offers a platform to liaise with other utility operational teams to ensure services provided to customers are of the highest quality.

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Utilihive Ghostwriter

Utilihive Ghostwriter provides simulation capabilities to create realistically scaled meter readings, alarms and events for synthetic metering points or IoT sensors. It emulates the interfaces and APIs from Headend Systems and simulates meter readings, alarms or events from synthetic metering points based on different configurable load profiles and alarm & event scenarios.

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Utilihive ADR

Utilihive ADR is a centralized asset data repository that provides a holistic, unified, and harmonized view on all assets and their status. Utilihive ADR connects to utilities’ Systems-of-Records (SoR) and also their metering and sensor systems to identify and harmonize to any changes to asset data and asset status information.

ADR big screen


Utilihive M3 is a market messaging module that utilizes the integration capabilities of the Utilihive platform. It has market-specific configurations and process flows that communicate to various systems including CRM, data transfer networks (DTN), meter data retrieval services (MDR) and data integration platforms (DIP) to manage the end-to-end message and communication process.

M3 big screen

Utilihive EVE

Utilihive EVE adds multi-utility VEE (Validation, Estimation, Editing) capabilities to improve the quality of time series data and offers a best practice VEE implementation out-of-the-box. Configurable validation and estimation methods processes raw meter data from AMI/HES into billing determinants including real-time pricing, Time-of-Use, and demand-based tariffs.

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Utilihive Beatbox

Utilihive Beatbox is a software gateway handling a secured communication and message exchange across network boundaries. It can be used to enable secure integration between on premise, private cloud and cloud-based systems.

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Spark your imagination

There are many ways Utilihive can power applications and new service innovations. Explore some of the real-life use cases driving the energy transition.

Der Management

Manage intermittent energy resources and infrastructure volatility.


Solve mission critical enterprise integration challenges to drive digital service innovation.

Prosumer engagement

Create seamless digital experiences and lifestyle services to engage with your customers.

Intelligent grid

Make smart decisions with actionable insights from your grid data.

Next-gen AMI

Prepare your IT infrastructure for the next generation of smart meters and IoT devices.


Balance the grid with real-time data sharing and automated dispatching of flexibility services.

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