Data Lake Architecture & Technologies for the Digital Utility Workshop


Today, everyone is talking about creating a data lake for their smart metering, IoT and other big data to drive strategic and tactical decision making, and revenue, operational savings as well as profitability. They are critical business assets that utilities can’t afford not to get right.

SERVICE TYPE: Virtual workshop
SOLUTION AREA(S): Data Management, Data Science, AI, Enterprise Architecture, Data Lake Storage, Cloud
SPEAKER(S): Michael Soukup, Senior Software Engineer / Data Scientist at Greenbird Integration Technology

There are many factors such as the vast amount of smart metering or IoT data, the growing recognization of data as a valuable asset, and the emerging energy data economy, leading utilities to invest in data lake implementations. The goal is to democratize and liberate data at scale to provide insights and make automated intelligent decisions.

Learning goals

In this workshop with data science experts you will dive into Data Lake Architecture, learn the essentials of creating a data lake, including best practices to ensure your data lake implementation is a success and understand the elements of a Data Lake for your AI/ ML and advanced analytics.

After the workshop, you will have a comprehensive insight into key topics covered in the agenda.


  • Introduction to the Data Lake concept
  • Difference between Data Warehouse and Data Lake
  • Typical use cases and benefits for utilities and data driven digital service businesses
  • Holistic Data Lake architecture and technologies
    • Data integration and ingestion layer
    • Data structuring and storage services
    • Data processing layer
    • Data access layer
    • Insight layer
  • Do’s & Don’ts and First Steps
  • Further reading and information sources
  • Technical Q&A / Discussions


This workshop is designed for the data lake architect, analytics and BI teams for the utility. You want to learn about customer behaviors and dig into advanced grid analytics from a variety of data sources across the enterprise. The current legacy system architecture and data silos are too rigid and not conducive to offer you the speed and flexibility to explore and crunch data across different silos within the enterprise. Your goal is to work with the cloud engineering team, the teams that support the source systems, and the analytics team to give them the tools they need to help grow the business.


Michael Soukup

Michael Soukup holds a M.S. degree in Engineering Cybernetics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

His academic interests include computer science, mathematics, statistical modeling and algorithmic development, and has experience applying these sciences to solutions in a wide range of domains, including robotics, aerospace, energy, social economics and online advertising. Through his professional work he has built up a strong set of practical computer skills and gained a deep understanding of databases, servers and backend systems.

At Greenbird, Michael is working on Utilihive Data Lake – a cloud-agnostic solutionfor storing and analyzing smart-metering data. The platform offers advanced analytics capabilities for the energy domain and aims to help grid operators, energy companies and consumers undergo a digital transformation to gain more insight, better control and intelligent assistance for utilities. During this work, Michael has gotten familiar with a wide range of cloud services across different cloud providers, and is using Greenbird’s modern toolset to develop a secure, robust and scalable solution.

In his free time, Michael likes to be active and do both indoor and outdoor sports, such as gymnastics, squash, paragliding and skiing.

The secret sauce

The founders of Greenbird have extensive experience of systems integration derived from large scale smart metering rollouts in the Nordic countries. What puzzled them was the enormous amount of time and resources going to waste when every utility had to start all the way from scratch when approaching systems integration. In an effort to fight these inefficient, costly, slow and risky processes, Greenbird and Utilihive were born in 2010. The founders realized that utilities would benefit from acquiring system integration as a service.

Today, utilities across Europe, Middle East and Asia are utilizing Utilihive to accelerate the ongoing energy revolution. Unlike a traditional approach for system integration for utilities, Greenbird offers out-of-the-box system integration for digital utilities. Forget about failing integration projects, hard-to-maintain solutions, and traditional middleware slowing down innovation. Decades of experience from a wide utility client base is built right into Utilihive. Greenbird is a true DevOps company, delivering unique time-to-market and reliability for digital utilities and ecosystem partners.


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