Greenbird Launches Be Energized Podcast Series

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Greenbird Integration Technology announced today that it has launched a series of podcasts to share insights and experiences with the energy sector.

Why Podcasts? Why now?

The ongoing Energy Revolution is on everyone’s agenda. Digital transformation is about technology, having a digital mindset, navigating change and it is all about speed.

"The actions we take today, need to have an impact for us tomorrow. This is why we have launched our podcast series" said Thorsten Heller, CEO and Founder, Greenbird Integration Technology.

Those who have followed Greenbird for a while know that we share insights and industry views with our followers on a regular basis. To make it even easier for you to keep yourself updated on what we in Greenbird see as the hottest trends and topics, we have launched the “Be Energized” podcast series.

Our VP Marketing and Communication, Frederik ten Sythoff said it nicely:

“No matter how much I may want to read every article published, my life just isn’t set up to spend hours every day scanning content. And the same probably holds true for most of our web visitors and utility professionals”

What can listeners expect?

The podcasts are designed to be short and insightful, a mix of business and innovation, shapeups in the energy sector and emerging technology. It will also focus mostly on the "whats" and the "hows" most utility professionals are curious about and eager to learn.

"We want to challenge current mindsets and offer out-of-the-box thinking to drive innovation and improvements in the energy sector" commented Heller.

Episodes and topics

The Be Energized podcast will be hosted by Greenbird CEO Thorsten Heller. Every episode will feature new and exciting guests from all over the world.

In the first episode “Why Podcast?”, Thorsten Heller and VP Marketing and Communications Frederik ten Sythoff will tell you more about why we chose to launch a podcast, and provide insight on topics we will release in the coming weeks.

Play Episode

To listen to Episode 1 “Why podcast”, please chose your preferred channel below.

Episode 1: Why Podcast

More episodes

Our podcast library can also be accessed from our website

Fans of the podcast can contact us via email to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast, or to become a guest on the show.