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Building an ecosystem enabling the energy revolution

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Accelerate Agility with the Utilihive Ecosystem

Agile software companies will be crucial in the enablement of the energy revolution. They must deliver instant value by utilizing data across the utility value chain. An advanced ecosystem for seamless exchange of data is required. The Utilihive ecosystem removes the system integration blockers and enables all parties to be more agile and drive innovation faster.

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Utilihive Integration Champion

As a System Integrator (SI) you leverage best in class solutions to reduce your cost of development when creating world class solutions. Greenbird certifies leading system integrators for utilities as Utilihive Integration Champions. As a part of the certification, technical training on the configuration of Utilihive for clients is provided. As a SI Partner you can extend your offerings and create more value by building cutting edge custom applications on top of the platform. As a global ecosystem partner we provide you the tools, information, and support to reduce your time to be successful with Utilihive projects.

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Utilihive Software Champion

Leading software vendors for utilities can sign up as a Utilihive Software Champion. As a part of the partnership, Greenbird will develop Utilihive Connectors for the software services that partners deliver. A prebuilt Utilihive Connector will significantly reduce the time-to-market for partner's software services by avoiding the need for any lengthy and customized integration projects.

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Utilihive Service Champion

A growing number of companies are delivering smart metering and smart grid as a service for utilities. This new category of service offerings typically includes a multitenant infrastructure with a modern architecture utilizing best of breed software solutions. Utilihive is a perfect fit for delivering end-to-end integration for this type of complete offerings. Greenbird offers the opportunity to sign up leading service companies as a Utilihive Service Champion.

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Kent Narvhus Oksdøl

Kent Narvhus Oksdøl

SVP Strategy and Alliances

Jon Terje Heggen

Jon Terje Heggen

VP Partner Development