How Enterprise Architecture is driving the Energy Transition (podcast)


Episode Summary

Enterprise Architecture is Dead – Long life Enterprise Architecture

Would you agree?

The topic of Enterprise Architecture has been discussed for many years, but some say that Enterprise Architecture - at least as a buzzword - is dead. At the same time utilities are investing more time and resources into EA today.

In this podcast we hear from Dr Nedim Dedić, Lead Enterprise Architect at Salzburg AG, and discuss the rise of a new understanding of Enterprise Architecture.

What you will learn:

  • How EA can help overcome new business challenges and set the direction for digital transformation in organizations
  • Examples where EA pays off for organizations
  • Key challenges organizations face implementing EA and how to overcome them
  • How to get started with EA

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Guest Speaker

Dr Nedim Dedić is the Lead Enterprise Architect at Salzburg AG in Austria. He specializes in enterprise, digital and data architectures, especially utilities having legacy-based or historically grown information systems. In his role he supports the identification and implementation of new business models, provides fact-based decision-making opportunities, helps improve operational and tactical efficiency, and optimizes business processes & activities.

Nedim is known for his ability to recognize, organize and exploit the potential of data and digitalization. He has published numerous scientific papers in the fields of Data Analysis, IT Architecture, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Reporting and Big Data. He is passionate about identifying and promoting digital & data-based innovations, trends, and emerging technologies.

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