Succeeding with Machine Learning and introducing emerging technologies

Episode Summary

For all the resources spent on innovation by utility companies, there often remains a persistent and troubling gap between the inherent value of new technology and their ability to put it to work effectively. More than 90% of machine learning use cases never make it into production. At a time of disruption in the energy sector, the distance between technical promise and ability to apply it in real business contexts is a matter of grave concern.

In this podcast we discuss one example of the 10% that do succeed. Jørn Engberg, Project Manager ICT Norwegian based NTE, shares his experiences bringing new technology and mindset into the organization to generate sizeable savings using machine learning techniques and technology. He identifies key challenges that managers responsible for implementing new technology must surmount: their inescapably dual role between IT and business, legitimate resistance to change, the right degree of promotion, the choices of implementing technologies, and the need for one or two people to drive and enable change. You will learn:

  • The goals for AI/ML at NTE
  • Saving millions with new technology
  • Key considerations introducing new technologies
  • Overcoming challenges in digital transformation
  • Selecting the right technologies for you
  • Recommendation for utilities to utilize emerging technologies
  • Future vision for the energy sector

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Jørn Engberg, Project Manager ICT Norwegian based NTE

Project manager and solution designer at NTE Holding. His recent work includes project management for smart metering at the utility company, IT strategy work, IT architecture and new business models.

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