Customer Challenge

Making effective use of ground-breaking, innovative technologies is an on-going process for Indian utility, BRPL. The utility is the leading power distribution company in the city of New Delhi. The strategy is part of their commitment to continuously improve the quality and reliability of the power supply to its near 2.55 million customers. BRPL wanted visibility of all its data, ensuring it is used to its full potential to support grid operations, undertake preventative maintenance and to understand where best to make intelligent grid investments. Harnessing data in this way will help secure a reliable power supply for customers.

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Utilihive Solution

BRPL chose Utilihive as the platform for an analytics and data integration solution. A data lake was built to validate, unify and structure data across multiple sources, including energy data, machine data and enterprise information. In an initial pilot, real-time AMR data, feeder load analysis and consumption pattern analysis within the existing distribution network were included to support power quality and a seamless power supply. The utility’s data is now accessible in a Data Lake, enabling BRPL’s IT department to develop new applications and making it possible to work on innovative projects with the utility’s partner organizations.

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Benefits with Utilihive

The Utilihive Datalake is accessible for analytics and the application of emerging technologies, enabling the utility to create innovative smart grid use cases. The project will help to improve customer services and operational efficiencies, furthering the utility’s commitment to ensuring a reliable and sustainable power supply for its customers. The project won India’s Smart Grid Forum Innovation Award in the category Best Smart Grid Project in India by Utility/Technology Company 2021.

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