Non Technical Losses


Utilities experience significant revenue loss due to Non-Technical Losses (NTLs). Worldwide utilities lose $96 billion annually. These losses are principally caused by fraud deliberately performed by consumers. Besides the financial issues due to unbilled energy, NTLs lead to a series of additional losses. These include damage to grid infrastructure, congestion of network equipment due to unexpected higher loads, maintenance resources and grid reliability. A further issue is public safety due to illicit electrical connections by non-employees who have not received proper training. The main obstacle is the ability to access data from disparate systems that can be used for analytics and effective fraud detection.​

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Utilihive provides the platform that allows access to important information resources including Meter Data Management, Network and Topology Data (GIS/ADMS), Customer Information Systems and Billing Systems. With access to this kind of data, Utilities can validate and identify irregular data patterns through combining household consumption and delivered power, as well as the status of billing and other customer information. Identification of suspicious Low Voltage grid segments with possible ​illegal connections can then be easily made visible in a dashboard. Utilihive unlocks ​the data providing insights to quantify and locate NTLs in real-time by applying ​analytics and visualization tools.

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By managing the data flow, utilities are able to recover unbilled revenue​, precisely localize and identify energy frauds​, predict loss occurrence timing, improve workforce planning, improve efficiency rating of NTL success identification And classify NTL and its main causes (which are network equipment issues and illegal connections).

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