Greenbird expands its Ecosystem for Innovation in the Energy Sector

Greenbird announced today that it has expanded its partner ecosystem by signing agreements with GridCure, Adaptricity and GridWatch who are accelerating energy innovation in the energy sector.

GridCure, Adaptricity and Gridwatch join a growing ecosystem that is working to optimize energy strategies, improve smart grid operations and provide new services for consumers.

“We’re very pleased that we have recently signed partnership agreements with a variety of key players and disruptive innovators that offer unique value to utilities and customers in the energy sector,” said Kent Narvhus Oksdøl, SVP Strategy and Alliances.

Utilihive ecosystem drives the energy revolution.

Greenbird’s Utilihive lies at the center of this ecosystem. It enables utilities and innovative start-ups in the energy sector to create sustainable value from the large volume of utility data. Utilihive is a domain specific platform which simplifies integration and how data flow. This allows ecosystem partners to offer new applications and services quickly in a competitive market.

The utilihive ecosystem accelerates utilities' digital transformation.

Innovative start-ups are now entering the energy market, offering access to new data sources and advanced analytics, bringing insights and new service improvements. These services will accelerate the successful uptake of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, technologies which are poised to revolutionize the utility sector. Utilities that successfully adopt these technologies will gain a competitive advantage.

The challenge faced by start-ups and established utilities alike is access to data. Often this is from legacy systems, such as data from smart metering, intelligent electronic devices (IED) and geospatial information (GIS). Organizations often find legacy system data management challenging to access and integrate. In addition, traditional legacy systems were not designed for handling the increased volume and speed of data exchange required for these new intelligent grid analytics and machine learning applications.

Greenbird’s Utilihive platform offers a solution to these challenges by delivering prebuilt support for integration to legacy systems that handles data from IoT device, smart meters, and other traditional enterprise data.

With this expanded platform, ecosystem partners like GridCure, Adaptricity and GridWatch can easily integrate to the data that helps embrace and utilize technology empowering digital grids, smart cities, eMobility, microgrids and distributed energy sources. It helps to drive digital transformation, embrace the changes within the energy sector and develop new and innovative services in the sector.

About Greenbird

Greenbird offers out-of-the-box system integration for Digital Utilities. Its services are delivered in a SaaS model enabling integration of software operating smart meters and smart grids. Greenbird is based in Oslo, Norway

About GridCure

GridCure provides modular smart grid SaaS solutions that empower utilities to optimize their operations and customer service. GridCure securely aggregates data from disparate systems, completes multi-layered analytics, and recommends real-time actionable insights helping utilities make sense of their data and implement data-driven change.

About Adaptricity

Adaptricity develops highly innovative software that enable grid operators to automate repetitive tasks such as connection requests, perform in-depth, time-series based analyses of grid behavior across all voltage levels and evaluate effects of demand response, OLTCs and electric vehicles planning and operation.

About GridWatch

MAC is one of Ireland’s most innovative companies, delivering leading-edge products and services in software, electronics and wireless communications. Founded in 1981 and located on the National Technology Park in Limerick, Ireland, MAC has delivered over 450 significant commercial projects and is among Europe’s top 10 SME contractors in EU ICT development projects.

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