Mycroftmind and Greenbird team up to accelerate smart grid innovation

A new and innovative partnership enables utilities to speed up the process of creating value from intelligent data analytics.

Oslo September 28th, Norwegian technology company Greenbird and Czech-based technology company, Mycroft Mind announced a partnership to accelerate innovation in smart grid analytics and optimization.

Innovation in smart grid analytics is dependent on the access and flow of data from smart meters, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and operational applications. If the low voltage grid can be accurately measured and optimized, the door opens to a better understanding of grid behavior and the optimization of a variety of Distribution System Operator (DSO) processes.

Currently, advanced analytics are often dependent on legacy systems to deliver the flow of data. Traditional systems integration approaches are slow to implement.

Mycroft Mind’s innovative systems for processing and analyzing Big Data, combined with Greenbird’s pioneering approach to integration will not only help utilities derive value from their data, it will enable them to accelerate the energy revolution.

Greenbird is a global software provider. Its Metercloud platform delivers big data integrations as a SaaS model, with built-in support to enable the data flow driving new innovations and revenue generating possibilities for clients and partners. Most utilities still rely on system integration projects to solve required integration for supporting their operational processes. These projects are known to have long time to market, high cost, and high risk involved. Greenbird’s unique out-of-the box approach enables integrations to be up and running in days rather than months as with traditional integration models.

“This announcement is another solid step in our journey to build on our Metercloud ecosystem strategy and become the platform of choice for accelerating digital transformation underpinned by the API economy,” said Kent Narvhus Oksdøl, SVP Strategy and Alliances at Greenbird. “The relationship with Mycroft Mind represents a powerful opportunity for Greenbird to significantly expand its presence in Europe, India and the Middle East, where we are actively working with clients already, and extend it to other parts of the world over time. We’re excited to partner with Mycroft Mind as we focus our combined energies to serve a broader range of customer needs with industry-leading data flow and analytics solutions.”

Mycroft Mind provides software solutions for smart grid development. They enable utilities to derive value from their smart grids through intelligent data analytics. Mycroft Mind focuses on issues connected with demand side response, phase connection identification, phase disbalance monitoring, non-technical losses localization, monitoring influence of PV production to low voltage grids, EV charging issues and other cases which utilize existing data from smart meters and substations. The company developed DeepGrid, a platform for collecting and advanced data processing of smart grid data.

Mycroft Mind applies big data processing techniques and machine learning algorithms specifically designed for smart grid data processing. Their pioneering approach is dependent on having seamless access to the data.

“To improve what we do for our customers we must improve the flow and transparency of data between legacy systems and our advanced applications for data analytics that transform data into information and information into insights”, said Filip Prochazka, Mycroft Mind CEO.

“Mycroft Mind’s analytics allow customers to realize the value and savings from smart grid investments and make informed decisions from intelligent data analytics. Greenbirds’ Metercloud technology has increased the speed at which this can be done. Through the partnership we have removed the complexities and barriers typically associated with siloed utility data and accelerated the time to market for our customers”.

About Greenbird

Greenbird offers out-of-the box system integration for digital utilities. The company’s Metercloud services are delivered in a SaaS model enabling integration of software operating smart meters and smart grids. Metercloud empowers utilities to be future-ready in days instead of months.

Metercloud has a layered architecture that supports standard business processes independently. It can exchange information with specific applications from various software vendors through vendor-specific connectors. It serves as an innovation platform for utilities and software partners with a lean start-up mindset.

About Mycroft Mind

Mycroft Mind is a Czech-based technology company with more than seven years in the energy market. It aims to deliver and build a portfolio of innovative software solutions using big data technologies for processing and analyzing data from smart grid infrastructures. The company creates benefits and insights for businesses by developing machine learning models and classifications using AI and embedding them into DeepGrid solutions. Identification of consumer behavior, trends and patterns considered as mandatory to prepare cities for sustainability in the smart energy area. “We create the future by transferring data into opportunities”.

About the Partnership

Mycroft Mind will be a Metercloud software champion. As part of the partnership agreement Greenbird will develop and maintain Metercloud connectors that integrate grid analytics applications developed by Mycroft Mind. The partnership between the two companies is based on a modern, flexible and scalable platform that is of low risk ensuring that the integrations between the smart metering value chain and the applications from Mycroftmind are secure.

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