Greenbird IT joins forces with Venios to accelerate grid modelling and visualization

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Norwegian technology company Greenbird has joined forces with German IT solutions and consulting services provider Venios to accelerate the delivery of innovative data services to utility companies.

The biggest barrier to providing data services for analytics platforms such as Venios is data access and data quality in utilities’ systems. Preparing and provisioning high quality data can be difficult and time-consuming, leading to delays in delivering projects. Greenbird’s Utilihive Digital Integration Hub accelerates data integrations and data quality, enabling faster access to better data. By teaming up with Greenbird, Venios can offer a quicker, more streamlined grid analytics service to their utility company customers.

The new partnership sees the continued growth of Greenbird’s Utilihive ecosystem. The ecosystem is a collaboration of highly expert, specialized enterprises servicing utility companies. This expertise can be delivered faster by integrating with Greenbird’s Utilihive platform. Working together, the Utilihive ecosystem can drive digital innovation in the energy sector. It enables utilities to use technology that paves the way for digital grids, eMobility, microgrids, distributed energy sources and smart cities.

“As innovators, we supply our customers with new business-cases. Key to our endeavors is the ability to integrate the required data in a fast and reliable way. Greenbird creates the potential for even faster implementation with the customer, accelerating the digital transformation of our grids.” said Dr. Jonas J. Danzeisen, CEO @ Venios GmbH
Greenbird’s CEO and Co-founder, Thorsten Heller said, “It is very exciting to start working with Venios who are doing amazing work in grid analytics and visualization. In 2019, the fastest way to provide innovation to utility companies is to work in partnership. It’s amazing to see how the idea of providing a platform, Greenbird’s Utilihive Digital Integration Hub, is driving the energy revolution”

Utilihive Digital Integration Hub: At the Center of an Ecosystem

The challenge faced by startups and established utilities alike is access to data. Often this is locked in legacy systems, such as data from smart metering, intelligent electronic devices (IED) and geospatial information (GIS). Organizations can find legacy system data challenging to access and integrate. In addition, traditional legacy systems are not designed to handle the increased volume and speed of data exchange required for these new intelligent grid analytics and machine learning applications.

Greenbird’s Utilihive platform offers a solution to these challenges by delivering prebuilt support for integration to legacy systems that handle data from IoT devices, smart meters, and other traditional enterprise data.

About Greenbird

Greenbird offers out-of-the-box system integration for digital utilities. Its services are delivered in a SaaS model enabling integration of software operating smart meters and smart grids. Greenbird is based in Oslo, Norway

About Venios

Venios brings transparency to distribution grids. Its focus is real-time processing of large amounts of data in a high-performance, cloud-based environment. Venios is based in Frankfurt, Germany

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