Enabling successful smart metering rollouts

Utilities are currently undergoing a major transformation towards becoming digital utilities. They acquire new and innovative IT systems to store and utilize smart meter readings and smart grid data. During this transformation, utilities will have to verify all system integrations, the meter to cash value chain and handling of events and alarms. Ghostwriter simulates smart meters and head end systems before the rollout of the smart meters. This allows utilities to make sure that all business applications are running properly before they start deploying their smart meters. Utilities can also simulate how future scenarios with a high degree of electric vehicles will impact their grid.

IoT, AMI and smart grid simulation and test platform.

Generate test data

Do you need a set of metering points for running tests in your region? Choose between importing existing structure data for your metering points or generate a brand new set of metering points for test purposes.

System integration testing

Use Ghostwriter to simulate data output from your Head End System and test all required system integrations for business applications like MDM, NIS, CIS and DMS.

Value chain readiness analysis

Are all your business applications ready to act on the information from your smart meters? Use Ghostwriter to perform a full readiness analysis for your business applications.

Meter to cash verification

Verify your meter to cash value chain with Ghostwriter simulations. Test and optimize your VEE processes by introducing various error scenarios in your simulated meter readings.

Performance testing

Will your infrastructure and business applications scale during a smart meter rollout? Adjust the number of simulated smart meters for performance testing. Excellent tool for site acceptance testing of business applications.

Event and alarm handling

Configure scenarios with earth faults and outages in given areas when running Ghostwriter simulations. Introduce a massive outage in the simulation and test your utility´s outage management system.

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