Customer Challenge

Danish multi-utility, SK Forsyning, has been providing utility services to Denmark for over 100 years. But today, the company’s focus is firmly on the future. SK Forsyning was looking for a way to harness its data to develop new digital services for customers. It also wanted to ensure that its data and services could be leveraged to support the ongoing energy transition. The solution needed to offer flexibility so the utility could adapt to the rapid changes in the energy landscape and help the enterprise make the most of new opportunities. To achieve these goals, SK Forsyning was looking for an IT architecture that would deliver easier access to high-quality data.

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Utilihive Solution

SK Forsyning chose the partnership of Greenbird and leading Danish IT company, KMD, to deliver an IT architecture that would improve the utility’s access to data. The new architecture used a completely new, domain specific integration platform, based on Greenbird’s digital integration hub, Utilihive. A loosely coupled approach would enable SK Forsyning to adjust IT solutions and services to new areas whenever needed. The platform vastly improved integration between all SK Forsyning’s systems, opening up access to high quality data, supporting the development of innovative, future-oriented services and solutions.

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Benefits with Utilihive

With its new modern, flexible IT architecture, SK Forsyning is meeting its goal of becoming a truly data-driven utility. The architecture not only supports the development of future-oriented solutions but enables SK Forsyning to reliably maintain its existing core services to customers. New services can only be developed through easy access to high-quality data. And this is what the new architecture brings through the improved integration it delivers. SK Forsyning’s new services will not only benefit its customers but will play a crucial role in accelerating the energy transition and the utility’s ongoing drive to improve sustainability.

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