Customer Challenge

Danish Distribution System Operator (DSO) consortium, VISUE, was looking to increase access to high-quality data and achieve greater data sharing among its five members. Denmark is a leader in the energy transition, making data transparency a priority. VISUE also wanted to help its members deliver the rapid innovation that is now necessary to keep pace with the constantly changing energy landscape. VISUE was looking for an industry-specific solution with vendors that had in-depth knowledge of the utilities sector and the IT systems commonly used in the industry. In addition, the solution needed to be future proof to handle the ever-growing influx of energy data.

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Utilihive Solution

VISUE chose the partnership of Greenbird and Danish IT company, KMD, to deliver a data integration solution using Greenbird’s Utilihive digital integration Hub. Utilihive was designed specifically for the utilities industry and the Greenbird team has deep experience of the sector. Utilihive connected and unified the various IT landscapes of all five DSOs in the consortium, delivering shared access to high-quality data. VISUE used Utilihive’s utility-specific accelerators to enable real-time visibility of operations. Utilihive Smart Meter Operations Center provided real-time, end-to-end monitoring of grid operations. Utilihive MonAmi, with its ability to monitor the low voltage grid, delivered visibility of Smart Meter Infrastructure. Utilihive Heartbeat provided end-to-end monitoring of all data flows, through a role-based, accessible, user interface.

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Benefits with Utilihive

Utilihive is opening up access to data from all key operational processes and systems, such as the consortium’s various Headend Systems, Workforce Management Systems, Network Information Systems/GIS, Billing Systems, Meter Data Repository and more. Silos have been broken down and participating DSOs are gaining more insights, not only from their own data, but also from combining data across the consortium. Consortium members are now better placed to turn data into knowledge, innovative solutions and new services. Utilihive’s flexible and elastic approach enables scalability as the volume of energy data continues to grow, delivering the future-focus VISUE was looking for.

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