Customer Challenge

Taiwan Power Company (TPC) is undertaking a large-scale project to install smart meters to households throughout Taiwan. 1.2 million homes are included in the initial roll-out. With multiple head-end and back-end systems, the project has very complex integration challenges. Further integrations are required between the IT and Operational Technology (OT) and within the OT itself. In addition, the large number of metering points will generate massive amounts of data, with multiple types of events and metering data with 15-minute resolution.

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Utilihive Solution

TPC’s lead contractor for the project, Siemens, chose Utilihive for data provisioning. The integrations between the meter head-end systems and operational analytics platforms are enabled by Greenbird’s Utilihive connectors and CIM-based APIs. Utilihive Ghostwriter will be used to provide scaled up simulations using data from an initial pilot to flag up any issues. Utilihive Data Lake will be used to archive data for future retrieval and historical analytics. Utilihive Heartbeat will provide end-to-end monitoring of the data flow.

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Benefits with Utilihive

Greenbird completed the initial pilot incredibly fast, taking only five months rather than the usual two years for a project of this size. The integrations delivered by Utilihive unified metering operations. They will also open up the data flow to third-party vendors, enabling them to connect power apps used by customers and installation crews. Utilihive provides a powerful platform for TPC’s smart metering infrastructure deployments and management. It is a flexible solution that can be scaled up as further smart meter roll-outs are implemented across Taiwan.


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