New partnership agreement between KMD and Greenbird to provide savings to customers

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The amount of data is increasing exponentially these days yet access to relevant data is a well-known challenge for utilities in the energy sector. Too much data resides in siloed systems that do not talk to each other, often expensive and time consuming to access for those that need access to relevant data sources. Norwegian IT company, Greenbird, has created the Utilihive integration platform that enables access to data held in systems of record with one API.

“Today, we have reached a high level of maturity in the Nordic region when it comes to data processing. The sector is no longer focused on just basic data collection, billing and related services. Today, utilities are implementing advanced AI and machine learning software that consumes large amounts of data. With a unifying platform for business and machine data, we have begun to make the management of energy sustainability much more efficient,” said Thorsten Heller, CEO and founder of Greenbird.

When one API can take over the role from several different services and make systems speak the same language, many resources can be freed up.

“The need for a more intelligent use of data to reduce energy consumption and prioritize energy-enhancing efforts is a priority at this time. This is not least due to the fact that the number of suppliers and devices for collecting and monitoring energy data is rising sharply.” said Area Director Anders Ritter Bonnerup from KMD. “That is why we, at KMD, are constantly looking for new partnerships that can facilitate this task and create faster, easier and cheaper access to data for our clients. The partnership with Greenbird, with its strong integration platform, can help to significantly increase the value we bring customers using KMD's energy management solutions.”

The portfolio of customers in the Norwegian energy sector shows that Greenbird responds to a real need in the market, and with this new partnership agreement with KMD, we aim to to spread the solution to Danish energy and distribution operators.

The partnership agreement between KMD and Greenbird was signed on 26 October 2020.

About KMD

KMD is one of Denmark's leading IT and software companies developing and delivering software and service solutions to the municipal, state and public sectors in Denmark as well as selected segments in Scandinavia. The KMD Group has subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Poland. KMD has over 1,500 Danish and international customers from the public and private sectors, of which approximately 800 are Danish and foreign companies. The KMD Group has an annual turnover of around DKK 5.3 billion and has approximately 3,200 employees. KMD is a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, a global leader in the integration of IT and network technologies.

About Greenbird Integration Technology

Greenbird is the leading big data integration technology provider for utilities and the industrial IoT. Greenbird’s flagship innovation, Utilihive, simplifies data integration and big energy data management empowering utilities to achieve Sustainable Development Goals faster by accelerating the energy transition. Based in Oslo, Norway, Greenbird enables Digital Transformation at utilities, powering the energy revolution.

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