Customer Challenge

Kuwait's Ministry of Electric and Water is driving the energy revolution and will deploy close to one million smart meters for electricity and water. The prime contractor for all IT systems needed a system integration service for integration of the head end system, meter data management system, customer care and billing, asset management, prepaid management solution, and work order management solution.

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Utilihive Solution

Greenbird was chosen by prime IT contractor to deliver Utilihive for end-to-end integration of the smart metering value chain for the utility. Utilihive Data Flows has out-of-the-box support for the meter-to-cash process, commissioning and provisioning of smart meters, asset synchronization, and for handling work orders. Utilihive Connectors ensure rapid connection of enterprise systems throughout the value chain.

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Benefits with Utilihive

When the prime IT contractor chose Utilihive, they removed system integration from the critical path in the project. The subscription model on Utilihive reduces risk during the project stage and have a predictable price model in production. System integration was transformed from an obstacle and into a platform for agility and innovation. The utility is now in a strong position for embracing the data economy, and for their next steps towards developing smart cities.

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