The future of water

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities infrastructure, and advanced modeling tools, a digital transformation is underway in the water industry. We caught up Virginie Vinel Kolovos MCIM and Future Water Association Board Director to discuss the situation in the water today. When it comes to water and wastewater utilities, we wanted to know the state of adoption of digital technologies and data-driven strategies? Tune into this episode to gain insights from utilities around the world and how they apply technology to address key challenges in the industry.

You will learn about:

  • the Future Water Association
  • a vision for the future of water utilities
  • key challenges water utilities are facing
  • drivers for digital transformation
  • how water utility can start their digital transformation journey
  • types of digital technologies and solutions being applied today
  • product and solution recommendations for water utilities

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The Future of Water podcast


Virginie is an Executive and Team Coach, a catalyst in the business transformation required to take innovations to market. Public, private technology accelerators in water, energy and electronics as well as corporates benefit from 26 years' Consultant/Director international experience in entrepreneurship, strategy, business development, commercial partnerships and organisational development. Since 2016, she is Future Water Association Board Director and a coach for Horizon2020 SME Instrument where she has accompanied more than 35 European SMEs as an Innovation Coach in the past 3 years, establishing lasting collaborations with water utilities.

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