Customer Challenge

ElectraLink provides network communications and code governance services for the UK gas and electricity markets. Their Data Transfer Service (DTS) is a national data hub for all energy market participants in the UK. Through the DTS, ElectraLink has access to vast quantities of data. They realized this was an untapped and under-utilised resource. Properly harnessed, this data could become a driving force for innovation, delivering insights to British energy companies, allowing utilities to reduce their operational costs and enabling them to create new services for their customers.

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Utilihive Solution

ElectraLink chose to pilot Greenbird’s Utilihive Platform for Innovation. The Platform was able to store all the relevant information received from participants in the UK energy market. This gave ElectraLink a ‘total process view’ of data, presenting it through the Platform’s role-based dashboard. The dashboard used configurable smart visualizations to display insights to operators. Information that had previously not been presented in a useable format was suddenly producing useful insights.

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Benefits with Utilihive

Greenbird’s Platform for Innovation allowed ElectraLink to use the rich data they had been collecting over many years on behalf of utility companies. By analyzing that data, ElectraLink was able to see what was happening across the entire UK energy market. The new insights gained, determined where opportunities lay for ElectraLink’s utility company customers. This helped these customers to leverage their data to optimize grid operations and create new revenue streams for their businesses. Greenbird’s Utilihive service gave ElectraLink a platform for innovation.

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