Data Insights as a Service


Extracting insights from the volume of data generated by connected devices and sensors in the Smart Grid and advanced metering infrastructure is complex. Having the right platform to deliver useful information and insights to drive greater business value, requires data to be integrated and structured for utility processes. Typically, this is not the case with data being scattered over many different silo applications and integration grown over time and in a non-strategic approach. This makes it impossible or very expensive to test innovative third-party apps or to apply wholistic analytics to all the available utility data.

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Utilihive is able to integrate and store all the relevant information received from participants and applications at a utility. Utilihive provides a ‘total process view’ of data through role-based dashboards. Open APIs allow simple third-party data access for greater interaction in the market. Smart Grid and meter data can easily be processed and stored in one central platform for easier access while maintaining a strict level of security. As a result, utilities can accelerate finding new value in their data to innovate customer specific offerings, as well as connect the data with third parties for energy efficiency and grid services.



You can improve access to data and decision support through interactive dashboards, reports and ad hoc query tools that enable you to analyze data from different business areas in a single integrated solution. It provides the ideal data resource for operational monitoring and analytical solutions for initiatives like customer care programs, revenue protection and assurance, and demand response campaigns. Having this level of data available for insights as a service, creates a platform for strategic development. This enables utilities to monetize the massive volumes of data they are generating from Smart Meters, IoT and intelligent grid devices.

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Utilihive is a big data integration platform, purpose-built for the digital data-driven utility, offered as a managed service.

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