Utility 4.0 and Next-gen Enterprise Architecture

The Energy Data Journey

There are certain data-related predictions which are fairly easy to make. In particular – that the amount of data will continue to grow at an increasing pace, as will the imperative to gain useful insights from that data.

As utilities progress along the digitalisation path, the amount of data available has prompted leaders in the data field to wonder whether the current architecture is fit for purpose for the utility of the future. Is it sufficiently robust, flexible and structured to serve the proposed ‘services’ model many utilities are already pursuing? Is it still so siloed and requiring so much manual processing as to make its value questionable most of the time?

At Greenbird, we work to simplify the complexity of big data integration for utilities to kickstart their digital transformation. We have put together an e-zine with articles which speak to these questions.

You can download the digital version of this collection by visiting http://utility40.greenbird.com/ to get more information on the build vs buy debate, understand the digital integration journey and how to simplify the IT/OT relationship.

We hope this comprehensive look at the current state of energy data and IT architecture trends will help you wherever you are in your digital journey.

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