Digital Darwinism: How Disruptive Technology Is Changing Utilities

Digital transformation, distributed energy, democratization of energy and prosumer influences, decarbonization, Internet of Things, real-time data — these are just some of the trends and technologies that are disrupting the energy sector.

This is a time of Digital Darwinism — a time where technology and society are evolving faster than utilities have traditionally adapted to change. This sets the stage for a new era of leadership at utilities, a new generation of business models, charging behind a mantra of “Jump forward or fall behind.”

When two entrepreneurs and thought leaders come together the conversation flows. In this comprehensive podcast with enersis’ Thomas Koller you will hear an open discussion and dialog ranging from the experiences and learnings gained working with utilities around the globe to the trends and technologies driving the next wave of innovation and transformations in the sector.

You will learn:

  • Tips from a startup perspective
  • Recent changes in the sector and future trends
  • How utilities are investing in technology, expertise and new skills
  • How the distributed energy system will impact centralized IT
  • Two tier approach to enterprise architecture; digital core and cognitive utility
  • New business models driving utilities and retailers contributing to the energy transition and sustainable growth

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Thomas Koller is CEO and founder of enersis AG. Born in Schwabe, he studied computer science in Böblingen and supported consulting and sales positions in start-ups and Fortune 500 companies before founding enersis. Next to scuba-diving, Thomas is passionate about the possibility of combining modern information technology with the requirements of the energy transition in a practical way.

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