Reference Architecture for the Platformed Digital Utility Workshop


More and more utilities have understood the concept of a ‘platformed utility’. Therefore utilities – from an infrastructure and IT perspective – must become a platform operator instead of an operator of a commoditised infrastructure. They have to be able to get local production into the network, completely new assets and devices into the platform; they have to manage assets they don’t own anymore, and that means from an infrastructure point of view they have to be a platformed utility. And from an IT point of view too, as not all of their systems and services will be provided by the utility for the entire value chain.

SERVICE TYPE: Virtual workshop
SOLUTION AREA(S): Industry insights; IT architecture; cloud technologies; IoT, AI, machine learning, advanced analytics
SPEAKER(S): Thorsten Heller, CEO & Chief Innovator at Greenbird Integration Technologies, Thought Leader for Digital Technologies driving the Energy Transition

What you will learn:

  • Discover a blueprint and reference architecture for the digital utility that you can put into action right away.
  • Align next-generation architecture principles to your own business strategy.
  • Hear how leading utilities overcame key challenges managing huge amounts of energy data or integrate OT/IT and edge devices to create smart benefits.
  • Gain insight from other utilities and industries how those succeed with a multi-cloud strategy and understand their rationale behind their “make or buy” decisions.
  • Learn key benefits from use cases that generate value.
  • Discuss your utility data to build a blueprint architecture for the Utility 4.0 and how to extract value from it.
  • Learn how a data-driven culture can transition data from a troublesome challenge item to a strategic renewable resource that drives meaningful digital reinvention.


  • Drivers for the Platformed Digital Utility
  • The role of the Platformed Digital Utility in the future energy system
  • Objectives and architecture principles
  • Technology blueprint and reference architecture
  • Roadmap and strategic initiatives towards the platformed digital utility
  • Typical challenges and road blocks
  • Further reading and information sources
  • Q&A / Discussions


The workshops will offer a deep dive into the technical trends and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Microservices, IT architecture & Cloud Technologies. Schedule a short meeting with us to find out the full details and the requirements of each workshop.

About the speakers

Thorsten Heller

Driven by his intellectual curiosity and vision that data integration holds the key to the future, German CEO Thorsten Heller co-founded Greenbird: challenging the traditional way utilities approach the smart energy revolution since 2010.

Greenbird develops integration technology to help energy companies manage the information flow for smart metering and smart city applications. Today, the company has delivered solutions and services to utilities operating more than 80% of the electricity meters in Norway. And now, they are starting to accelerate international customer success.

As an entrepreneur with ambitious goals, Thorsten launched Utilihive, a powerful software platform for smart meter management that is ready to scale and handle big data. It enables customers to be future-ready up to 80% faster than traditional system integration models.

With extensive international experience as a Strategy Advisor and Technology Evangelist, Thorsten has built a following of close to 28,000 on Twitter, sharing insights on enterprise integration, big data, machine learning, AI and real-time analytics. Thorsten lives by the motto “If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough” and he is passionate about the company’s mission: making data fly. As he is highly respected and has a charismatic personality, he is often asked to share his insights at key industry events.

the secret sauce

The founders of Greenbird have extensive experience of systems integration derived from large scale smart metering rollouts in the Nordic countries. What puzzled them was the enormous amount of time and resources going to waste when every utility had to start all the way from scratch when approaching systems integration. In an effort to fight these inefficient, costly, slow and risky processes, Greenbird and Utilihive were born in 2010. The founders realized that utilities would benefit from acquiring system integration as a service.

Today, utilities across Europe, Middle East and Asia are utilizing Utilihive to accelerate the ongoing energy revolution. Unlike a traditional approach for system integration for utilities, Greenbird offers out-of-the-box system integration for digital utilities. Forget about failing integration projects, hard-to-maintain solutions, and traditional middleware slowing down innovation. Decades of experience from a wide utility client base is built right into Utilihive. Greenbird is a true DevOps company, delivering unique time-to-market and reliability for digital utilities and ecosystem partners.


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