Greenbird introduces the Energy Service Mesh as an IT blueprint for the Digital Utility at DistribuTECH 2020

Oslo, January 23rd, 2020

Norwegian IT company, Greenbird Integration Technology, launches the Energy Service Mesh as a blueprint for a distributed architecture for the future digital utility at the upcoming DistribuTECH event in San Antonio, Texas, (28 – 30 January). Greenbird will also demonstrate how its flagship product Utilihive – the leading Digital Integration Hub for Utilities – is embracing the service mesh concept to drive utilities’ digital transformation.

Greenbird’s CEO, Thorsten Heller said,

“We strongly believe in the concept of the Energy Service Mesh as the emerging de-facto architecture and platform for the digital utility. We clearly see that many innovative utilities are moving in the same direction: From big legacy towards microservices, from process centric to event driven, from monolithic data storage to a data mesh and from centralized infrastructure to cloud mesh.

We’re excited to be introducing the Energy Service Mesh concept that underpins Utilihive during DTech2020. This ground-breaking concept will enable utilities to accelerate their energy transition and make the process smoother. We’re looking forward to talking to U.S. utilities about our technology and discussing how they can leverage our platform and experience in this area to tackle any challenges they may be facing.”

What’s the Energy Service Mesh?

The Energy Service Mesh is an architecture blueprint and reference implementation for the digital utility which makes both agility and reliability a priority. The future of utilities is analytics driven. New utility business models are fuelled by data, so energy companies will need an architecture that handles vast amount of data in real-time. They need an architecture which can tackle data tsunamis in a reliable way and process this information instantaneously. Utilities also need a “devops” style agility to quickly react to changes or deliver new services. The Energy Service Mesh delivers on that value proposition.

Utilihive has already been chosen by utilities around the world, including in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. By using this Energy Service Mesh, utilities can fully realize the value of their data. Utilihive is an integration platform designed and pre-configured to be the linking layer between systems of record and systems of innovation. It helps to remove data silos and accelerate digital transformation in the organizations where it has been employed.

This is the first time the award-winning technology will be showcased in the U.S.

Award-winning Technology

Greenbird was named by Gartner as a ‘Cool Vendor’ in application architecture, infrastructure and integration due to Utilihive’s domain specific and flexible integration capabilities.

It has also just been listed in the 2020 Global Power and Energy Elites.

Greenbird at DistribuTECH 2020

Greenbird’s CEO, Thorsten Heller and his team will be showcasing the Utilihive digital integration hub at booth 1413. They will also be illustrating its various applications with use cases from grid modernization engagements around the world, including projects in Germany, Austria, Taiwan and the Middle East.

About DistribuTECH:

DistribuTECH is considered the utility industry’s largest conference and exposition, covering automation and control systems, energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy integration, advanced metering, T&D system operation and reliability, power delivery equipment and water utility technology.

About Greenbird:

Greenbird offers out-of-the-box system integration for utilities. We are a true DevOps company, delivering unique time to market and reliability. We were named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ in 2018 because of our domain specific and flexible integration capabilities, crucial for creating easy-to-consume integrated solutions. Utilihive empowers utilities to manage their data flow faster and smoother than traditional system integration models while accelerating the journey towards the energy revolution. Greenbird is based in Oslo, Norway.

For more information:

Frederik ten Sythoff
Greenbird Integration Technology
Storgata 1, 0155 Oslo, Norway

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