Greenbird has become a certified Eco-Lighthouse

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We are very excited to announce that we are officially certified as an Eco-Lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn)!

Being an Eco-Lighthouse involves systematic work on environmental efforts in everyday life. As a company helping utilities with digital transformation and their transition to sustainable energy services, it is important for us to lead by example. In order to meet the requirements for certification, Greenbird has implemented measures for a more eco-friendly business operation and a healthier workplace environment.

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Eco-Lighthouse is Norway's most widely used certificate for companies that will document their environmental efforts and show social responsibility.

Tonje Krosby Scheie, Greenbird’s Eco-Lighthouse representative said:

"Everything we do is designed to help utilities transition to clean energy and accelerate the energy revolution. In this transition to a more sustainable future, nobody can do it all, but everyone can do something! In order to reach a low-emission society, we must all contribute, including companies such as Greenbird."

We are committed to comply with the authorities' statutory environmental requirements, and strive to meet our customers' requirements for environmental awareness. Eco-Lighthouse gives us concrete tools for working purposefully to improve our environmental performance when it comes to energy use, travel, waste management and a healthy workplace environment for our employees. We are working systematically and continuously to achieve environmental improvements through mapping our environmental impact and following-up with good routines and action plans."

The Eco-Lighthouse certification is approved documentation for public procurements. Furthermore, it is the first national certification scheme in Europe to be recognised by the European Commission. The recognition verifies that the scheme is of an equivalent standard and quality to international eco-labelling schemes (EMAS and ISO 14001). Read more.

About Eco-Lighthouse

Eco-Lighthouse is a national certification scheme aimed at private and public sector enterprises and businesses. The scheme is Norway’s most widely used environmental management system for businesses that want to document their environmental efforts and prove their dedication to corporate responsibility. The certification means that businesses improve their environmental performance in the following areas: working environment, waste management, energy consumption, procurement and transport.

During the certification process the criteria, climate and environmental reports are reviewed to establish new, more environmentally friendly procedures.

We are strongly encouraging other companies to start the process of becoming an Eco-Lighthouse. More information about Eco-Lighthouse and how to become certified here

About Greenbird Integration Technology

Greenbird is the leading provider of big data integration technology for the utilities sector and industrial IoT. Greenbird's flagship solution, Utilihive, simplifies data integration and big energy data management to help utilities achieve the SDGs faster by accelerating the transition to green energy. From its headquarters in Oslo, Norway, Greenbird enables digital transformation in the utilities sector and drives the energy revolution. Read more at Utilihive.