Utilihive iPaaS enables utilities to accelerate renewable power and substantially reduce emissions

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Greenbird Integration has worked together with Cleantech Scandinavia to assess the potential climate impact for utilities that manage their energy assets with Utilihive. As Greenbird scales into markets, Utilihive can enable utilities to avoid nearly 155 million tons of carbon emissions in their value chains between 2022 and 2030.

Utilihive’s unique ability to enable utilities to accelerate the speed of renewable, distributed power is the key factor. The effect of high-speed integration of data-driven assets combined with the continued roll-out of smart meters enables the decarbonization of global energy markets.

The Cleantech Scandinavia report highlights that Utilihive clearly accelerates the technological shift so that utilities are positioned to profit from new renewable power in the grid, especially from variable renewable energy such as solar and wind energy, as well as microgeneration.

Greenbird’s CEO, Thorsten Heller says,

“Speed of deployment is a key feature of the Utilihive Platform. We’re incredibly proud this research backs up what we’ve heard from our clients – that our Utilihive Platform is helping them speed up their transition to renewables. It enables them to rapidly access data from distributed energy assets, helping them to offer new services, manage volatility in grid operations, and generate sustainable value from renewables.”

The report identifies other positive impacts of Utilihive, including fostering innovation, improving communication and consumer engagement, as well as lowering energy bills by reducing or shifting energy consumption.

Cleantech Scandinavia is a membership network of investors and affiliated cleantech professionals designed to provide cleantech knowledge, contacts, and investment opportunities. It is the trusted source of cleantech-related investment opportunities, business intelligence and investment statistics in the Nordics.

About Utilihive

Utilihive is a cloud-native big data integration platform, purpose-built for digital data-driven multi-utilities. It uses built-in accelerators and out-of-the-box integrations to help accelerate integration projects with new and legacy systems commonly used in the sector.

About Greenbird Integration Technology

Greenbird is the leading provider of big data integration technology for the utilities sector and industrial IoT. Greenbird's flagship solution, Utilihive, simplifies data integration and big energy data management to help utilities achieve the SDGs faster by accelerating the transition to green energy. From its headquarters in Oslo, Norway, Greenbird enables digital transformation in the utilities sector and drives the energy revolution. Read more at Utilihive at www.greenbird.com.