Customer Challenge

Smarthub is a Norwegian service provider driving the energy revolution by delivering smart metering and smart grid as a service for DSOs. They are currently delivering services to 10 DSOs. Smarthub is operating the head end system, validation of consumption values, meter data management system, and integration towards the Norwegian datahub known as Elhub. The DSOs are operating their own customer information systems, work order management systems, DMS and SCADA. To automate the smart metering value chain, Smarthub needed a multitenant integration solution with short time-to-market.

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Utilihive Solution

Greenbird was chosen to deliver Utilihive for solving to end-to-end integration for the operation of smart meters and smart grid. Prebuilt Utilihive Orchestrations supports the meter-to-cash process, commissioning and provisioning of smart meters, required asset synchronization, required integration towards the Norwegian Elhub and handling of events and alarms for DMS and SCADA. With Utilihive Ghostwriter, Smarthub could simulate the consumption readings from all planned smart meters before the rollout. All data flows are monitored with Utilihive Heartbeat.

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Benefits with Utilihive

Smarthub went live with their service offering less than three months after signing the contract on Utilihive, and could deliver instant value to the DSOs. With the subscription model of Utilihive, Smarthub incurred low upfront costs for the configuration of Utilihive. The subscription for Utilihive is based on the number of smart meters deployed, and gives Smarthub a predictable price for system integration. Since Smarthub can now seamlessly access data across the value chain, they can drive new insight applications with agility and a lean startup approach when launching new services.

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