Customer Challenge

The Norwegian Office of a European Financial Services company needed to speed up the onboarding process for its clients. As one of Europe’s largest debt collection agencies, the company was handling a wide range of client data formats making for a challenging and lengthy integration process. Data integrations were often taking 2-3 months and sometimes more. Accelerating the onboarding process would reduce clients’ exposure to risk and speed up their ability to access the Debt Collection services they needed.

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The Cloudwheel Solution

Cloudwheel’s cloud-based integration Platform as a Service solution provided the orchestration system to integrate new data streams quickly and easily. Cloudwheel has an extensive library of pre-configured integrations. These were adapted and tailored to suit the specific needs of the Financial Services Company. The tailored configurations can now be reused throughout the organization, using a low-code interface.

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Benefits with Cloudwheel

The customer’s data integration process has been reduced from 2-3 months to just a few days. Cloudwheel is cloud-based which means the solution is scalable and flexible. More new clients can be onboarded in less time, requiring fewer developers and IT personnel. Integrations can be monitored in real time so any errors can be quickly identified and fixed. Cloudwheel is delivering improved automation, increased efficiencies and cost savings. What began as a digital transformation project is becoming a critical component for the customer’s roadmap for the future.

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