Customer Challenge

U.S. consumers are increasingly engaged participants in the energy sector. Leading U.S. utilities are now seeking ways to use their data to improve service reliability, operations and maintenance as well as provide innovative new products to customers. Florida-based multiutility JEA was seeking ways to develop its modern, intelligent grid operations and convert energy data into valuable insights.

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Utilihive Solution

JEA chose Greenbird’s Utilihive to help leverage its energy data. Utilihive will be used for data integration and the project will also make use of Utilihive’s built-in monitoring and analytics capabilities. Utilihive Datalake and its related services will also be provided. Utilihive iPaaS and Datalake ensure that organizations can easily access energy data. Utilihive monitoring and analytics capabilities bring end-to-end visibility to utility operations and maintenance programs.

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Benefits with Utilihive

Converting energy data into valuable insights is vital in improving service reliability, operations and maintenance. As the energy transition gathers pace and U.S. consumers become more engaged participants in the energy sector, energy data is also essential for developing innovative new products for customers. The Utilihive solutions that JEA has chosen will help the utility in its goal of providing reliable services at the best value to its customers.

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