Customer Challenge

Hafslund, Norway’s biggest DSO, was planning a digital transformation and a large-scale rollout with 700,000 smart meters. Hafslund was allocating major investments into new IT systems, which could turn smart meter readings and smart grid data into real assets for the company. They had to verify that all business processes in the meter-to-cash value chain were performing as expected before the rollout of the smart meters started.

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Utilihive Solution

Hafslund chose Utilihive Ghostwriter for simulating the output from their 700,000 planned smart meters. Utilihive Ghostwriter emulates the interface for the head end system from the meter vendor Aidon. Hafslund could run simulations with realistic consumption values from 700,000 smart meters. It is possible to test scenarios with missing readings from the smart meters and to define areas with power outages at given times.

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Benefits with Utilihive

By utilizing Utilihive Ghostwriter for simulation of their planned smart meters, they could perform end-to-end testing of the smart metering value chain. Hafslund revealed several bottlenecks and performance issues early in their smart metering project. Early detection ensured that all systems and system integrations could be optimized before the actual smart meter rollout started. Hafslund significantly reduced the risk for a situation with failing billing after the smart meters was rolled out.

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