Customer Challenge

Belgian grid operator, Arewal, wanted to transform its electricity network into a smart grid which could readily adapt to future challenges. The new system needed to help the grid operator meet its innovation and sustainability goals through improved big data management. To achieve this, Arewal was looking for a flexible solution that could accommodate emerging Smart Metering and Energy IoT technologies and the growing quantities of energy data that these would bring. Cooperation and teamwork were also of great importance to Arewal, since the advanced technologies being implemented play a crucial role in its future network environment.

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Utilihive Solution

In choosing Utilihive, Arewal has found the perfect solution for its project. For the previous two years, Arewal had been using advanced Smart Metering and Energy IoT technologies delivered by leading Smart Metering solution provider Iskraemeco. But the project needed to find an integration solution that could handle these cutting-edge technologies. Utilihive meets Arewal’s detailed requirements. Utilhive’s Energy Data Mesh architecture combines advanced integration capabilities with a distributed data lake. This means the large and growing quantities of data generated by Iskraemeco’s technologies can be easily managed by the Utilihive platform and flexible Smart Metering solution that Arewal has selected.

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Benefits with Utilihive

The IT architecture delivered by Greenbird brings the improved data sharing essential for driving innovation and for achieving Arewal’s sustainability goals. Utilihive improves grid efficiency while offering the flexibility and scalability needed for future growth and adaptation to changes in the energy landscape. These outcomes were also delivered while meeting total cost of ownership considerations. Looking to the future, Arewal will be able to integrate other multi-utility services including water meters and M-Bus devices. The improved integrations offered by Utilihive will deliver new customer-oriented services, powered by data. These will enable end-users to better manage their energy use, maximize energy efficiencies and so lower their carbon footprint.

Arewal 960 714 benefits

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