Utilities that have deployed or are in the process of deploying smart meters are looking to create a centralized smart meter operations center (SMOC) that provide real-time, end-to-end monitoring, analysis and management of their systems. The operation of AMI (Smart Metering Infrastructure) in most cases relies on a collection of disparate systems including HES, MDM, CIS, ADMS, SCADA and other legacy systems that power the meter-to-cash or meter-to-ops value chain.

Rollout & Installation Monitoring

As utilities look to their smart meter suppliers to offer end-to-end managed services, they will need real-time insights to monitor metering operations, according to strict Service Level Agreements. Utilihive SMOC offers rollout and installation monitoring support allowing utilities to visualize and track disconnection, connectivity, and successful data transmission from installed or replaced smart meters in MonAMI, our easy to use real-time interface.

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Capacity Management

Capacity constraints in smart metering operational systems and processes can impact your smart rollout planning and scaling to full deployment, resulting in financial impact and a poor experience for your customers. Good planning from the start with Utilihive Ghostwriter. Utilihive Ghostwriter provides simulation capability to create realistically scaled meter readings, alarms and events for synthetic metering points or IoT sensors.

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Smart Infrastructure Management

Managing the meter to cash process for millions of smart meters in a widely dispersed utility environment is incredibly complex. Communication errors, integration failures, events and alarms are just a few of the challenges faced by smart meter operations managers. Addressing these issues requires rapid action, or the issues become more acute. Utilihive SMOC includes MonAMI, an energy data web application using the Utilihive API to create real-time visibility into the low-voltage-, mid-voltage or AMI network.

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IT Network Operations

A smart meter implementation project will impact most utility processes, from billing to customer services, and from IT operations to network management. Many IT projects fail, either through significant overruns on time or budget. Therefore, it is critical that IT has a complete overview of its enterprise architecture. Utilihive SMOC comes with Heartbeat, a pre-integrated big data log analyzer and DataOps tool for end-2-end monitoring of all data and data integration flows.

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Don’t Let Disruptive Forces Disrupt Your Business

The adoption of smart devices at the home and in the grid presents tremendous opportunities and challenges to Utilities. Our experience working with utilities with more than 50 million customers and our growing ecosystem of technology partners means you benefit from the greatest minds and the best of breed technologies so you can focus on delivering the future of Smart Energy.

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