Siemens Advanta on Composable Systems and Data in the Energy Sector

Digital transformation is spurring innovation and new business models across virtually all areas of the energy and utility sectors. As the pace of change speeds up, utilities rely on the expertise of technology leaders to make key system and architecture decisions that deliver future data insights and services.

In this podcast, Bram Murawski, a Senior Solution Manager within Siemens Advanta and Chris Potter, a Siemens Solutions Architect speak openly about the trends driving digital transformation today.

You will learn:

  • Current status of technology adoption in the energy sector
  • Drivers influencing the adoption of data hubs and data lakes in Europe
  • Demystifying the differences between data hubs, data lakes and data warehouses
  • Data-driven use cases
  • Challenges, opportunities and tips implementing data hubs and data lakes

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Bram Murawski is a senior solution manager within Siemens Advanta where he supports industry customers with consulting on, and executing of, IoT and IT/OT strategies, prototyping and implementation of digital transformations. He has over 15 years of hands-on experience in shaping and delivering global IT/OT and IoT implementation and integration projects with a strong focus on utility companies within the EMEA region.

Chris Potter has been working within the UK regulated distribution industry for the past 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge around the IT/OT and DMS applications. He has worked in a variety of roles including support, development, architectural and managerial roles.

Chris has a keen focus on combining OT systems with those in the wider enterprise in order to help drive forward a carbon neutral future.

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Composable data and analytics initiatives might uncover new ways of packaging data as part of a service or product. These could be built using low-code and no-code tools like those found in the Utilihive Platform.

Utilihive offers the foundation for composable data and analytics allowing for easy access and sharing across distributed data environments.

“You should not have to worry about where it is and how to access it.” Gartner analyst Donald Feinberg said of composable data. It is not a single tool but rather the set of tools put together into a solution.

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