Podcast with KMD: Drivers of Digital in the Danish Energy System

Denmark is a country well known as one of the world leaders in the field of renewable energy (RE) development. With more than 40% of its energy coming from wind power and the recent announcement that it will create the world's first energy island in the North Sea, there is much to learn from these innovative examples.

Many utilities are all too familiar with the mantra of going digital and the benefits this will bring to help new service innovation and accelerate the energy transition. But too often, insufficient thought goes into the technologies and people that are critical to making it happen. This is a fast paced and very diverse environment, and unless they have the right mindset and a strong IT foundation, most utilities struggle to relate to it to begin with or to keep up with it over time.

In this podcast with Jens Cornelius, Senior Business Director at KMD, we discuss how modern IT feels a bit like playing TETRIS — the game from the 80s. There are very few new utilities that start with a green field to make their first move. Most utilities have a legacy to take into consideration. What’s more, new things are always coming at you, and you need to deal with them. Over time they discover two things: some shapes seem familiar, and the game seems to get faster. But just like every house, utility IT environments need a solid foundation. Only then can you start building/adapting/expanding/growing. Managed well, everything fits together, but those that do not manage their technical debt can expect their Tetris tiles to pile up and will end up losing the room to maneuver or shape their future business.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Current trends in the Danish energy system and the evolving role of utilities
  • Balancing the impact of sustainability on the energy grid
  • Impact of M&A, regulatory changes and market requirements on business and IT architecture
  • OT/IT convergence in Danish utilities
  • How to create new value and capabilities in a digital era
  • Fundamentals and skills requirements for future data-driven value generation and services
  • How Enterprise Architecture is like playing a game of TETRIS

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    “Today it is no longer acceptable to talk about data we cannot access, use or trust. The next generation of utility employees and energy prosumers will demand that data is made available instantly and be of the highest quality.”

    Jens Cornelius is a Senior Business Director at KMD with responsibility for shaping data driven solutions for energy, indoor climate and sustainability management across industries. Since 2008 he has been working in the energy and utility industry, in designing and delivering projects and solutions within billing, meter data management and energy management.

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