Greenbird Integration Technology Announces Acquisition, Paving the Way for Future Growth and Innovation

Greenbird Integration Technology, a leading provider of big data integration technology for the utilities sector, is excited to announce its acquisition by GE Vernova’s Digital business. This acquisition highlights the commitment of both companies to invest in technologies and talent that help accelerate the sustainable energy grid.

For GE Vernova’s Digital business, the data integration platform will accelerate GridOS®, the world’s first software portfolio designed specifically for grid orchestration. It will add new capabilities for connecting systems and integrating data across the grid more easily and at scale.

The acquisition is a recognition of Greenbird's dedication to delivering top-tier solutions to its customers and partners worldwide and reinforces the company's commitment to accelerating the energy transition by simplifying integration. By joining forces with GE Vernova’s Digital business, Greenbird gains access to a broader network, enhanced resources, and extensive expertise, enabling it to accelerate its growth and bring even more innovative solutions to the market.

Thorsten Heller, CEO and Co-founder of Greenbird Integration Technology, expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, “This is an exciting step forward for Greenbird, our customers, partners, and our employees. Our shared values and vision for the future distributed energy grid make this partnership a natural fit, and we look forward to the incredible possibilities that lie ahead."

Greenbird started in 2010 with a mission to accelerate the energy transition by simplifying data integration for utilities. In the years since, with the backing of ETF Partners, EnBW New Ventures GmbH (ENV) and Nysnø , Greenbird realized global expansion with Utilihive. Today it helps more than 230 utilities around the world leverage data that enable smarter, more efficient analytics-driven services.

With a history of providing state-of-the-art big data integration & analytics solutions specifically designed for utilities, Greenbird has gained a strong reputation in the industry. This acquisition will further solidify its position as a thought leader in big data integration for the utility industry, building on its legacy of innovation and continuing to deliver exceptional value to its customers and partners.

As Greenbird Integration Technology joins GE Vernova and embarks on this new chapter, it remains committed to its existing customers, partners, and employees. The acquisition will not disrupt ongoing operations and Greenbird will continue to deliver the same level of service and innovation that its stakeholders have come to expect.

Thorsten Heller

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