As a System Integrator, I’m looking for ways to achieve faster time to value. How can Utilihive help?

Utilihive speeds up the delivery of innovative data-driven services and simplifies operations. It does this by providing both the technical infrastructure platform (connectivity, integration, data ingestion, data lake, API management) and pre-configured integration content or accelerators (adapters, data flows, orchestrations, utility data model, energy data services, monitoring and reporting dashboards).

This means you can deliver your clients’ projects faster and deliver the high-quality data and seamless workflows they require. The result? Less risk of budget overruns, happy customers—and a faster time to business value.

Custom-built integrations are often the root cause of delayed projects and spiralling costs. You can avoid these issues by reusing adapters and integration artifacts. Choose what you need from Utilihive’s Adapter List and Flow Library. It includes reusable integration artifacts for all the most common IT/OT systems, already tried and tested by utilities.

Here are some other ways Utilihive can help you achieve faster time to value:

  • Create your own integration templates and then customize for different projects. Utilihive’s (F)low code interface makes it easy for System Integrators to create their own integration templates. Save the configurations you’ve developed then re-use your template again and again. You can tailor the template to match the needs of new clients.

  • Quickly deliver your customers’ objectives. Utilihive brings end-to-end visibility of data flows, message exchange, APIs, endpoints and integration artefacts for your clients. Heartbeat, Utilihive's core built-in monitoring console, makes it easier and visible to manage data flows and identify issues.

  • Less time spent on maintenance means more time to deliver value. Utilihive’s automated monitoring and logging system rapidly identifies and troubleshoots any issues with integrations or APIs. These are easy to spot in Heartbeat’s user-friendly dashboard, reducing the time spent on manual maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • Utilihive frees up your highly skilled employees. With Utilihive’s (F)low code interface, less-specialized employees can now work on tasks that previously needed your senior technical team. Train your consultants or junior developers to use Utilihive to configure, test and monitor integrations. This leaves your senior developers to work on new projects, delivering faster time to value for your business.

As a System Integrator, your utility clients are moving faster than ever before. When you use Utilihive, you can help them access the systems and data they want at the speed they need. Help your customers keep pace with the energy transition while achieving faster time to value.

Are you interested in connecting with some of our existing partners and hear first hand about their experience working with Utilihive and the Greenbird team? We're happy to facilitate an introduction.