How can Utilihive help optimize my resources as a System Integrator?

As a System Integrator, you have an exceptional and essential team of highly specialized tech professionals. Often, they dedicate a significant amount of their time to repetitive tasks related to routine, core integration.

But imagine the incredible potential in redirecting their energies towards data-driven innovation, advanced analytics and new services that deliver sustainable value to your customers.

This is what Utilihive enables you to do.

Automation is accelerating across all industries. But this is increasing rather than decreasing organizations’ reliance on highly skilled workers.

That’s why it’s vital these employees spend most of their time creating value for your business.

System Integration is complex. There are numerous software systems to handle, and many customers want customized integrations. In the past, employees with extensive coding skills and programming experience had to be assigned to handle these projects.

With Utilihive, many of these tasks can be managed outside of IT and conducted by consultants and other members of the project team.

Here’s how:

  • Utilihive has an extensive library of prebuilt integrations and connectors to all leading utility systems. These can be used out-of-the-box and configured for your clients in a (F)low code environment. Your skilled developers’ valuable time won’t be wasted on months of custom coding.

  • Utilihive offers a series of prebuilt and utility-specific integration content (accelerators) to help SIs speed up time to value. These included a data lake, smart metering operations center (SMOC), grid monitoring (MonAMI), asset data repository (ADR), elastic validation (EVE) and more.

  • What if your client needs customized integrations? Utilihive’s (F)low code interface and SDK means less specialized employees can create complex integrations. Your client’s exact specifications can be delivered quickly while your senior developers find solutions for more challenging problems.

  • Utilihive comes with a user-friendly monitoring and management console, Heartbeat. Any employee with good data skills can monitor integrations, data flows or APIs and quickly identify any issues. No need to tie-up your senior personnel on this task.

  • Multiple customers. One platform. By using Utilihive multi-tenant platform you can manage client integrations from a single platform, saving valuable employee time.

With Utilihive, your skilled IT team can be switched from repetitive, mundane tasks and focus on delivering innovative products or customized services for your customers. More interesting for them. More value for you.