Do you offer a free trial version of Utilihive?

No, at this time we do not offer a free trial or limited version of Utilihive. Here is why.

Utilihive’s core strengths and capabilities are best demonstrated in mission critical enterprise integration solutions that need high-availability, high performance, and resilience, requiring:

  • huge scale-outs and really big data loads
  • real-time integrations and real-time processing
  • hybrid integrations (across secured networks, private cloud, public cloud) and hybrid deployment scenarios with distributed integration logic
  • complex and advanced error handling strategies

To verify and evaluate the advanced enterprise capabilities which Utilihive provides, you would typically run with real-life data loads, a realistically scaled infrastructure configuration and a close-to-reality network or deployment architecture.

Our experience shows that a scaled-down or limited version of Utilihive doesn’t give clients or partners an accurate demonstration of what the Utilihive Platform can deliver or how it differs from other solutions.

Instead, we do offer Pioneering Projects or Proof-of-Solution (POS) implementations. In these projects, together with a client or partner, we develop an MVP (minimal viable product) within the client's business domain.

Feel free to contact us for details or to schedule a demonstration!

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