Reimagining the Future at CEPSI2018 - 17-22 September

CEPSI18 is nearly here!

Our CEO and co-founder, Thorsten Heller will be speaking at this year’s CEPSI to be held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, 17-22 September. CEPSI is the most prominent electricity supply industry conference in East Asia and the Western Pacific region.

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The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Reimagining the utility of the future’.

Utilities are currently facing disruption from many sources. As a result, the utilities industry is undergoing a period of transformation, giving utilities the potential for reinvention. Thorsten will be talking about the exciting future that could lie ahead for utilities who seize the opportunities for reimagining their future.

As Smart Metering, Smart Grid and Smart City initiatives are rolled out, they will generate hundreds of terabytes of data. Utilities have the potential to be at the heart of this.

However, 90% of the data that is currently generated and collected is sitting idle; it is ‘Dark Data’. Insights that could be gathered from this ‘Dark Data’ are wasted. Opportunities are being missed. With advanced analytics, energy companies could use this data to engage with customers in highly personalized ways that will increase customer satisfaction, lower the cost of service and promote new products and services.

How can utilities illuminate this dark data and make the most of the information they are generating? How can utilities transition towards energy 4.0? How can they become pioneers in the fourth Industrial revolution?

The answer is surprisingly straightforward; by becoming a Data Integration Hub. This will allow utilities to turbocharge their Digital Transformation, enabling them to benefit from emerging technologies, innovative analytics and AI services. It will enable utilities to transform to a Platformed Digital Utility and open up the possibility of becoming the future operators of a Smart City Platform. It gives utilities the potential to be an integral part of the Smart Cities of the future and the lives of the people who live there.

Come and listen to our CEO talk about the benefits of becoming a Data Integration Hub at CEPSI18 – we’d love to see you there. Held every two years, the conference attracts power industry companies, utility leaders, professionals and experts from all over the world. It gives industry leaders the opportunity to share their expertise and experience on challenges and give insights on issues impacting the industry.

If you are not able to join us, you can contact us directly or request our white paper online.

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