Greenbird tops ”Six Unique Internet Of Things Startups In 2017” – list

Inc 42 has published an article about the Six Unique Internet of Things Startups in 2017, and Greenbird is number 1 on the list!

Excerpt from the article

The buzz around Internet of Things technology (IoT) is getting more interesting and intriguing with each passing day. With this technological reform bringing about a drastic change in the electronic and physical world around us, it is needless to say that there are new and developing companies coming up with their own version of technological wonders each day!

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed a number of innovative IoT startups which have not only introduced high-end gadgets and appliances, rather they have also made possible the dream of a technological reformed world come true!

Yes, what seemed to be a mere imagination of the human mind has now become a reality with the help of the Internet of Things technology.

About Greenbird

Ever since its inception in the world of science and technology, IoT has promised to bring top notch connectivity and conservation facility among the appliances being used on a daily basis across our households as well as workplaces. Greenbird promises to take this appliance-based communication one step further by taking it out of our homes and workplaces into the entirety of the city!

Aimed particularly at energy (electricity) conservation, Greenbird and is looking forward to coming up with a communication layer that is to be embedded between appliances, meters, and applications to conserve electricity and use it effectively while also saving on the expenditure.

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