Greenbird Extends Partner Training Offerings to Strengthen Platform Expertise

Greenbird is launching new partner training workshops to help technical teams develop their skills through hands-on experience.

We want to make sure technical teams in our partner organizations are experts in working with our Utilihive platform. We’re launching these workshops to give them all the skills they need to, not only implement Utilihive, but provide on-going support to utility customers.

The workshops will be integral to our on-going support for Greenbird’s partner ecosystem around the world.

This program is the first of its kind for Greenbird partners and will kick off with technical training for Flow Development in the Utilihive low-code environment. The training will provide architects and developers access to a three-day workshop with Greenbird’s in-house training team.

During the workshop, teams will be led through both technical training and hands-on projects. At the end of the three days, participants will have a solid understanding of Flow Design and Deployment, including technical vocabulary, low-code platform tools and testing, and best-practices for successful deployment.

"Having our organization’s technical team knowledgeable about the Utilihive platform is invaluable. It means they know how to work with the platform tools to integrate our solutions as well as other SaaS partner solutions. It really helps me speed up onboarding for new client projects.

That’s why, this time, we attended the technical workshop with several team members. Once we have this knowledge within our team, we can train additional colleagues ourselves for future projects."

The utility industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation and demands constant innovation. Keeping pace means clients must rely on a skilled workforce to support technology deployment and customer services.

Partners play a critical role in Greenbird’s international platform deployment vision and customer success. We want to empower our partners by deepening their expertise through an expansion of our partner enablement offerings. The launch of these new training opportunities will help our partners deliver customer projects that unlock data and accelerate time to value with Greenbird integration technologies.

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