eSmart Systems and Greenbird enter partnership agreement

New partnership will unleash the potential for next generation grid operations utilizing IoT, big data and real time analytics.

HALDEN/OSLO, January 19, 2016. All utilities in Norway are currently preparing for a large scale rollout of smart meters. They are streamlining the value chains for adapting to the interaction with Elhub and the new market model in Norway. However, the attention on utilizing smart grid data is still at an early stage, and many utilities are exploring opportunities for substantial improvements on their grid operations.

Utilizing smart grid data and cloud based solutions

– Utilizing data from smart meters and smart grids will be crucial for improving grid operations. We are coming from a situation where utilities have limited information about the status in distribution grid, and entering a new paradigm with detailed and real time data from the distribution grid. Access to vast amounts of data from the distribution grid will enable services like predictive maintenance and self healing grids. Cloud based solutions from eSmart Systems and Greenbird can offer services with instant improvements and cost savings on grid operations, says Knut H. H. Johansen, CEO at eSmart Systems.

Powered by IoT, big data and real time analytics

– The solutions from eSmart Systems and Greenbird have no legacy and are developed from scratch to harness the power of IoT, big data and real time analytics. Utilities worldwide are starting their transformation towards becoming digital utilities. eSmart Systems and Greenbird can offer tomorrow’s technology today, says Thorsten Heller, CEO at Greenbird.

Lower time for return on investments in smart grid technology

– Utilities have complex value chains for handling smart metering and smart grid data. Today, acquiring new IT-systems for acting on smart grid data typically involves a large and custom integration project. With the integration service Metercloud from Greenbird, utilities can lower their time for return on the investment in smart grid technology. As a part of the partnership agreement, Greenbird will develop Metercloud connectors for the services from eSmart Systems. Combined with cloud based delivery models, utilities will have instant benefits from acquiring eSmart Systems’ grid operation solution. Metercloud will simplify the integration of the full value chain for acting on vast amounts of smart grid data, adds Heller.

Moving to next generation grid operations

– The first step for utilities adopting smart gird technology is to automate certain functions for handling for example outages and voltage faults in the grid. The next step is to utilize collected data for intelligent grid operations. Connected Grid from eSmart Systems offers tomorrow’s energy management solution today, concludes Johansen.

About eSmart Systems

eSmart Systems delivers a new generation IT solutions to the energy industry where consumer flexibility and efficient use of the energy market is central. eSmart Systems is an entrepreneurial venture based on more than 20 years of experience in developing IT solutions for the energy industry in Norway and abroad, where the handling of large data volumes and critical transactions have been central. The company has shown a positive trend of continuous growth and currently has 40 employees in Halden.

About Greenbird

Greenbird is a Norwegian software company and consultancy headquartered in Oslo, with 30 employees passionate about integration in the energy industry. Greenbird is established as a leading company for integration solutions in the energy industry and related industries. Greenbird deliver the integration service Metercloud, a state-of-the-art integration solution supporting the transformation towards digital utilities and enabling smart metering and smart grids. Greenbird has delivered software and consultancy to utilities owning more than 75 % of the power meters in Norway.

Contact information

eSmart Systems AS

Knut H. H. Johansen, CEO, phone +47 909 81 318

Greenbird Technology AS

Thorsten Heller, CEO, phone +47 980 01 822

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