Energy Utility Trends update from Asian Utility Week 2019 (podcast)


Episode Summary

20,000 miles travelled, three speeches given, 11,000 attendees mingled with, dozens of interesting industry people met and a small dash of jetlag.

In this episode we discuss the key trends in Asia with two key representatives from the Free Electrons Global Energy Startup Program and CLP, Elke Kornalijnslijper and Pubudu Abayasiri.

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Guest Speakers

Elke Kornalijnslijper
Innovation Manager - China Light & Power (CLP)

A commercial and strategic thinker and do-er that is strong in generating ideas and in execution. I build trustful relationships in diverse environments and have successfully led business transformations and business development activities.

Different work environments have formed my broad understanding of established company, investor, start up and consumer perspective. My goal is to integrate new opportunities in established companies and play an active role in driving these companies into digital business models.

Pubudu Abayasiri
Associate Director - Digital Products (Innovation) at China Light & Power (CLP)

A driven IT professional with over 15 years of experience across numerous large scale initiatives across Asia including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. Initiatives range from infrastructure projects, change management and culture change initiatives, application delivery, cloud implementations, and data analytics.

China Light & Power (CLP)

Pubs and Elke work for CLP, founded in Hong Kong in 1901, at a time when electricity was still a novelty worldwide. Today CLP powers millions of homes and businesses across the Asia Pacific regions. In Hong Kong, they operate a vertically-integrated electricity supply business providing a highly-reliable supply of electricity to 80% of the city’s population. Outside Hong Kong, they invest in the energy sector in Mainland China, India, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Australia. Their business includes power generation, transmission and distribution, and electricity and gas retail activities. CLP’s goal is to meet Asia-Pacific’s energy challenge in a sustainable manner from one generation to the next

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