Meet the future of digital utilities

Utilities will play a vital role for smart cities. Smart metering will enable digital utilities to support new consumption profiles and emerging market models. Smart utilization of data is crucial for supporting clean and economic cities. Greenbird support utilities during the transformation towards becoming digital utilities.

New power consumption profiles

Wide adoption of electric vehicles calls for new approaches for balancing load on grids. Consumers with solar cells on their rooftops change the way we think of power supply today.

Power supplier centric models

New regulations call for power centric supplier models where the power supplier is billing grid and power usage. National datahubs contribute to single invoicing and increased competition in the energy market.

Smart metering enabling innovation

Deployment of smart meters is a crucial enabler for the digital utility. Access to a vast amount of data from the grid is the foundation for innovation and intelligent grid operation.

Introducing smart cities

In smart cities, energy, water and transportation are managed in concert to support a clean and economic city for living, work and play. Innovative utilization of data is crucial for enabling cities of tomorrow.

Metercloud is an integration service for smart metering, smart grid and smart city applications.

Enabling the digital utility with Metercloud

The choice of integration solution will be crucial for enabling the digital utility. The move away from legacy systems into best of breed components calls for new approaches for handling vast amounts of smart metering data. Traditional middleware platforms provide a technical infrastructure that is used to realize customized integration solutions. Metercloud adds direct business value with its configurable and flexible business integration services for smart metering, smart grids and smart cities. Integrations delivered as a service makes it easy for utilities to overcome integration challenges.


Secure investments in core business applications such as MDM, DMS, WMS, NIS or CIS with Greenbird’s wide experience on connectors ensuring interoperability between business applications.

Lower risk

Metercloud will lower project and integration risks with configurable integration applications and leading insight into smart metering challenges.

Delivered as a Service

Buy Metercloud as Orchestration as a Service (OaaS) and simplify application operations and application management for smart grid integration solutions.

Rapid integration

Reduce time to realize business value with configurable application connectors and integration applications delivered as a service. Faster time to market for implementation.

Lower upfront investments

Utilities will lower their upfront investments for custom integration solutions with configurable integration services for smart metering and smart grid.

Metercloud integration services

Metercloud integration services will provide ready-to-use integration solutions and configurable business integration processes for smart metering and smart grids. With traditional middleware platforms, utilities would have to invest in developing their own integration solutions from scratch. Configurable Metercloud services support core usage scenarios like smart meter rollout, smart meter operations and market operations.

Data Hub Operations

This service enables DSOs to report daily smart meter readings to national data hubs. It also supports market operations like start of power supply, customers moving in and out and master data updates.

Smart Meter Operations

Service supporting day-to-day operation of smart meters. Includes support for orchestration of service requests, alarms and events received from the Meter Data Management system.

Smart Grid Operations

This service enables processes like grid planning, operations and maintenance. All events and readings from both smart meters and smart grids will be stored in a data warehouse.

Smart Utility Operations

Integration service supporting a fully automated and digital utility. Includes full synchronization for workorders, logistics and resources. Connectors for ERP systems ensure seamless operations.

Market Operations

Integration service supporting core market operations like customers moving in and out, start of supply, end of supply and master data updates. Includes support for integration towards national data hubs.

Settlement Operations

Service supporting settlement operations at power suppliers. Includes support for reconciliation processes and integration towards national data hubs for supporting single invoicing for grid usage and power usage.

Ghostwriter simulation service

Utilities are currently undergoing a major transformation towards becoming digital utilities. They acquire new and innovative IT systems to store and utilize smart meter readings and smart grid data. During this transformation, utilities will have to verify all system integrations, the meter to cash value chain and handling of events and alarms. Ghostwriter simulates smart meters and head end systems before the rollout of the smart meters. This allows utilities to make sure that all business applications are running properly before they start deploying their smart meters. Utilities can also simulate how future scenarios with a high degree of electric vehicles will impact their grid.

Generate test data

Do you need a set of metering points for running tests in your region? Choose between importing existing structure data for your metering points or generate a brand new set of metering points for test purposes.

System integration testing

Use Ghostwriter to simulate data output from your Head End System and test all required system integrations for business applications like MDM, NIS, CIS and DMS.

Value chain readiness analysis

Are all your business applications ready to act on the information from your smart meters? Use Ghostwriter to perform a full readiness analysis for your business applications.

Meter to cash verification

Verify your meter to cash value chain with Ghostwriter simulations. Test and optimize your VEE processes by introducing various error scenarios in your simulated meter readings.

Performance testing

Will your infrastructure and business applications scale during a smart meter rollout? Adjust the number of simulated smart meters for performance testing. Excellent tool for site acceptance testing of business applications.

Event and alarm handling

Configure scenarios with earth faults and outages in given areas when running Ghostwriter simulations. Introduce a massive outage in the simulation and test your utility´s outage management system.

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