Enterprise Integration and Data Lake Platform

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The leading iPaaS for Utilities

Utilihive delivers configurable integration applications for the digital utility and the distributed energy system. Supporting both cloud, private cloud and hybrid on premise deployments, Utilihive is a managed service combining enterprise integration capabilities with a data lake optimized for energy use cases. A Digital Data Integration Hub purpose-built to drive the energy transition.

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Utilihive Connectors

Greenbird is building Utilihive Connectors for leading software vendors for utilities. This means that new software applications can be connected in days instead of spending months on custom development. Required updates are included in the Utilihive subscription.

Metercloud Connectors

Utilihive Dataflows

Utilihive Dataflows are out-of-the box integration applications supporting business processes such as meter-to-cash. You can easily integrate your head end system, meter data management system and billing system through straightforward configuration in the Utilihive Console. No lengthy integration project and coding is required.

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DataServices API

Utilihive provides a set of modern, uniform but secured data services. The Utilihive Energy- DataServices (API) is managed through Utilihive APImanagement. The energy data services API leverages GraphQL to create a flexible and effective API and allows API consumers to define the content and structure of the data required.

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Utilihive Ghostwriter

What if you could test if your new meter data management system can handle meter readings from millions of smart meters before you start the rollout? You can achieve this with Utilihive Ghostwriter. It can deliver simulated data on exactly the same format as your planned head end system. Save time and costs by eliminating bottlenecks early in your smart metering project.

Metercloud Ghostwriter

Utilihive Datalake

Utilities are entering the data economy and utilization of data will be crucial for the future of their business. With Utilihive Datalake, they can store all data managed with Utilihive Orchestrations. This will enable a utility to start building applications that create business insight with a lean startup approach.

Metercloud Utilitake

Utilihive Heartbeat

To operate as a digital utility is a complex task, and advanced software may fail. We have you covered. With Utilihive Heartbeat, you have end-to-end monitoring of all data flow within your digital utility. If a software system is not performing as expected, the problem can be identified instantly, and time spent on error fixes can be reduced dramatically.

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Kickstart Your Digital Transformation

Utilihive empowers utilities to manage the data flow for utilities faster and smoother than traditional system integration models and to accelerate the journey towards becoming a digital platform utility. Kickstart the digital transformation with prebuilt Utilihive integrations and connectors, and with our high-performance API connect new software solutions in days instead of months of custom coding. Don’t get stuck with traditional technology, and become a digital utility with Utilihive.

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Massive Change Ahead for Utilities

The drive for renewable energy sources and the electrification of transportation is accelerating. Advanced software solutions for controlling generation and consumption of power will be crucial for enabling a future with a substantial shift towards clean energy.

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What is the Future Role for Your Utility?

The future role for utilities in the energy revolution is not determined yet. Some will continue to maintain an aging IT infrastructure and dedicated focus on traditional grid operation. Other utilities will grab the opportunity to become the platform operator driving innovation by integrating energy data across the entire value chain. What is your plan?

Traditional System Integration is Risky and Slow

The traditional system integration approach involves acquiring middleware and engaging with a system integrator to build a customized solution with a lengthy, costly and high-risk integration project. That is no longer an adequate approach for utilities dealing with a fast-paced energy revolution. You must move fast with less risk.

From Grid Operator to Digital Utility

Utilities can take a proactive role in the energy revolution, or be left behind as more flexible, more efficient and innovative competitors and alternatives overtake them. Disruptive and data driven business models will dominate the energy industry. Right now, utilities have a substantial opportunity to take the role as a platform operator enabling innovation and driving the energy revolution.

Utilihive Defines a New Approach

It is time for new approach to system integration for digital utilities. This is Utilihive. System integration delivered in a SaaS model, with out-of-the-box support to enable integration of software operating smart meters and smart grids. A platform that puts the utility in the driver’s seat for operating an advanced ecosystem with seamless integration of software to optimize a digital grid.

Why Utilihive is a Better Fit for Digital Transformation

Traditional system integration projects typically run on classical middleware or an integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). The system integrator delivers a custom development project where they establish connectivity, a data model, integration flows, and monitoring. All these components are included for a fixed subscription price on Utilihive. With prebuilt support for business processes in utilities, Utilihive significantly reduces risk, costs, and time-to-value.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with Utilihive

Since traditional system integration involves custom development with a system integrator, utilities are facing high upfront costs. Operation of custom integrations drives high costs, and any updates or implementation of new software will trigger another integration project. Utilihive’s subscription model disrupts the traditional delivery model and utilities can typically obtain a 10-year TCO saving up to 25 % whilst significantly reducing project risk.

Unpredictable TCO with Traditional System Integration Predictable TCO with Subscription on Utilihive