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Accelerating digital transformations

Among the industries facing big challenges and having tremendous opportunities in digital innovation and transformation is the utilities industry. During the transformation towards becoming digital utilities, new and innovative IT systems will be acquired to store and utilize smart meter data, grid information and data from intelligent devices (IoT). During this transformation it is critical that utilities verify all system integrations for a variety of business processes to ensure data and events are handled correctly.

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Introducing Utilihive Ghostwriter

Utilihive Ghostwriter simulates smart meters and head-end systems before the rollout of smart meters even begins. This gives utilities the peace of mind that all business applications are running perfectly before deployment. Ghostwriter can also simulate future scenarios like how an increase of electric vehicle charging or distributed generation will impact the grid.

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Simulation offers peace of mind

what if you could test whether your new meter data management system can handle meter readings from millions of smart meters before you start the rollout? You can achieve this with Utilihive Ghostwriter. it can even simulate futures scenarios to provide insights into how an increase in electric vehicles or distributed generation will impact the grid. Save time and costs by eliminating bottlenecks early in your smart metering project.

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Emulate various Head-end Systems

Ghostwriter can emulate the head-end system you are planning to utilize for smart metering infrastructure. It can emulate various kind of events including power outages and voltage faults and it supports most crucial Device Control Transactions (DCT) such as; ping smart meter; on demand meter read; and install a new smart meter.

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