Utilihive Accelerators

Core ipaas capabilities

Utilihive is a cloud-native big data integration platform, purpose-built for the digital data-driven utility, offered as a managed service (iPaaS). Utilihive provides both the technical infrastructure platform (connectivity, integration, data ingestion, data lake, API management) and pre-configured integration content or accelerators (adapters, data flows, orchestrations, utility data model, energy data services, monitoring and reporting dashboards) to speed up the delivery of innovative data driven services and simplify operations.

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Utilihive Heartbeat

Utilihive comes with a pre-integrated big data log analyzer and DataOps tooling called Utilihive Heartbeat. Tailored for IT operational personnel it provides end-2-end monitoring and management capabilities for all data and data integration flows. IT operational personnel such as system administrators, SRE or Devops engineers use Utilihive Heartbeat to configure and customize data flows and APIs and to monitor and analyze the runtime behavior and metrics.

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Accelerate time to value

Our Utilihive Accelerators deliver faster time to value. Ask about our built-in accelerators for enhanced scalability and elasticity, flexibility and agility, faster time to value, and better performance.

Utilihive Adapters

Utilihive provides a library of pre-configured adapters for commonly used utility applications. Adapters within the Utilihive library are system specific and bound to a specific version. Utilihive Adapters come pre-configured with default data mappings, but can be customized for each client. Utilities or partners can develop their own adapters if required using Utilihive SDK.

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Utilihive DataFlows

Utilihive offers pre-configured integration applications or energy data flows, such as meter-to-cash, alarm & event handling, asset & meter-point synchronization, customer & tariff synchronization, work-order synchronization and commissioning & provisioning. Utilihive EnergyDataFlows can be customized with “Low Code” configuration. Utilities or partners can develop their own data flows if necessary using the Utilihive SDK.

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Utilihive ghostwriter

Utilihive Ghostwriter provides simulation capability to create realistically scaled meter readings, alarms and events for synthetic metering points or IoT sensors. It emulates the interfaces and APIs from the Headend Systems and simulates the meter readings, alarms or events from synthetic metering points based on different configurable load profiles and alarm & event scenarios. Utilihive Ghostwriter is the ideal application to build synthetic test data sets and populate information across multiple systems.

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Utilihive Datalake

Utilihive offers secure data lake storage and real-time data exchange between the OT/ IT domains and Edge Computing so you can perform faster real-time analytics, cut costs and reduces the need for internet access at distributed asset locations. Utilihive utilizes a high performance distributed NoSQL storage and assembles NoSQL, time-series database, big data object storage and relational database technologies into one unified but distributed data lake architecture optimized for asset intensive utility use cases.

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Utilihive SMOC

Utilihive SMOC is a centralized smart meter operations center that provides real-time, end-to-end monitoring, analysis and management of utility systems and the entire metering value chain. SMOC is responsible for monitoring and overseeing the health and operations of all smart meters deployed and installed by a utility. It provides a “birds eye view” of the entire AMI operation and offers a platform to liaise with other utility operational teams and departments to ensure services provided to customers are of the highest quality.

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Utilihive MonAMI

Utilihive MonAMI is an energy data web application using the Utilihive EnergyDataServices API to create real-time visibility into the low-voltage-, mid-voltage or AMI network. Utilihive MonAMI displays alarms, events and meter readings from any smart sensor or metering system with different channels both live (real-time) and historical. Its built-in tools provide capabilities to simplify analysis including aggregations, comparisons and statistical analytics.

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Utilihive Beatbox

Utilihive Beatbox is a software gateway handling a secured communication and message exchange across network boundaries and can be used to enable integration between on premise, private cloud and cloud-based systems. It can be deployed in a customer’s secure zone. Utilihive Beatbox enables secure communication, triggered from the secure zone with long pull technique.

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Utilihive adr

Utilihive ADR is a centralized asset data repository that provides a holistic, unified, and harmonized view on all assets and their status. Utilihive ADR connects to utilities’ Systems-of-Records (SoR) as well as to their metering and sensor systems to listen to any changes on asset data and asset status information. Changes are verified and validated before stored and structured in the asset data repository in Utilihive ADR and creates a centralized catalog for all asset data and all asset information for the entire utility.

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utilihive m3

Utilihive M3 is a market messaging module that provides the market communications framework to fulfill the obligations of energy suppliers, network operators and other relevant parties involved in the end-to-end management of the smart metering infrastructure. Utilihive M3 utilizes the integration capabilities of the Utilihive platform, with market-specific configurations and process flows that communicate in an event-driven architecture to the various systems including CRM, data transfer networks (DTN), meter data retrieval services (MDR) and data integration platforms (DIP) to manage the end-to-end message and communication process.

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utilihive eve

Utilihive EVE adds multi-utility VEE (Validation, Estimation, Editing) capabilities to Utilihive to optimize meter-to-cash processes. Utilihive EVE provides an out-of-the-box best practice VEE implementation processing raw meter data from AMI/HES into billing determinants like real-time pricing, Time-of-Use, demand-based tariffs etc. All VEE flows and components in EVE are configurable, and allow custom built flow components, like validation and estimation methods, to be added using the Utilihive development framework.

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