Customer Challenge

The client runs a high-speed airport rail link between a capital city center and the city’s main airport. The client has multiple systems and vendors and wanted to move from point-to-point integrations to an integration platform in the cloud. Resilience and persistence were crucial requirements of the new platform, avoiding any disruption of service to customers.

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Cloudwheel Solution

The client wanted to integrate all its systems in the cloud, but also have a flexible platform that could be changed and expanded quickly, easily, and in a cost-effective way. In addition, the client had worked with Greenbird on previous projects and knew that Greenbird would act as a partner in the integration project and not just a solution provider.

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Benefits with Cloudwheel

The company now has greater control over its data and vendor ecosystem so that systems, processes and people can work together to deliver on customer service. In addition, Cloudwheel’s integration Platform-as-a-Service approach gives the company an agile and flexible platform for the future where new partners can be easily on-boarded as the company’s partner ecosystem expands.

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